Prof. Dr. Piotr (Peter) Bołtuć
Philosophy in AI, not about AI23.09.2021, godz. 18.00 


Prof. dr hab. Włodzisław Duch read abstract
What is needed to fully understand mental processes ? - 23.09.2021, godz. 10.00


Prof. Jacob Hohwy read abstract
Conscious self-evidencing23.09.2021, godz. 11.00


Prof. Dr. Albert Newen
The Development of false belief understanding – the person model theory and the architecture of mental files - 24.09.2021, godz. 18.00


Prof. apl. Dr. phil. Gerhard Preyer
Consciousness and mental representation - 25.09.2021, godz. 18.00


Dr. Mohan Sridharan
Integrated Reasoning, Control, and Learning in Cognitive Robot Systems - 25.09.2021 godz.10.00


Prof. Stephen Cowley
Languaging: feeling one's way epistemically - 24.09.2021, godz. 10.00


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